Day 1, Activity 1
What is your research question?

  • Motivating and helping faculty to adopt new pedagogies and technologies
  • Examining the influence of active learning and engagement on student success
  • Identifying strategies for dissemination/implementation of evidence-based instructional practices
  • Utilizing learning analytics as a way to understand and improve learning outcomes
  • Evaluating the outcomes of academic support services, especially for underprepared and underrepresented students
  • Examining the role of student behaviors on student success
  • Identifying course design components that increase engagement and student success
  • Examining the influence of technologies on engagement and student success

Day 2, Activity 1
Challenge Points

  • Accessing, analyzing, and interpreting data
  • Recruitment of students
  • Identifying sample
  • Developing a common language
  • Faculty & institutional buy-in
  • Dissemination of findings
  • Complying with research guidelines of institution
  • Lack of resources ($ and people)

Day 2, Activity 2
Implementing New Practices

  • Build relationships with key stakeholders
  • Disseminate research findings on campus and at conferences
  • Demonstrate how the new practices align with institutional goals and responsibilities
  • Develop a coalition and shared vision
  • Invite faculty and students into the conversation
  • Provide incentives for faculty to attend training
  • Recognize/reward faculty who adopt new practices